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If you are not sure in which country you want to complete your undergraduate studies, allow us to interest you by introducing you to Canada and giving you a clear idea of ​​the quality of life there and the most prestigious universities such as McGill University and the University of Toronto. By reading our guide to Canada below, you will have knowledge of all the important details of studying in Canada.

Study in Canada

A quick overview of Canada

Culture and Society in Canada

The cost of living in Canada

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Education in Canada

Why study in Canada

Study costs in Canada

Universities in Canada

Top 10 Universities in Canada

University admission requirements in Canada

Student visa in Canada

Procedures for applying to study in Canada

The best specialties in Canada

A quick overview of Canada:
life and living in canada

Canada consistently ranks among the top ten countries for life in the world, and is also the second most educated country in the world, with more than half of its population holding university degrees and education in Canada is compulsory up to the age of 18. Hence, Canada is a major competitor in the higher education industry.

Canada is famous for its cold winters, as there are several regions in the country whose lands are covered with snow for more than half the year, but universities are not concentrated in these areas. In addition to the wonderful winter in Canada, there are 561 lakes across the country, the largest coast in the world, and many green mountains, all of which will lead to students gaining many wonderful experiences in the open air of Canada. English and French are the official languages ​​of Canada, so as long as you are proficient in either, the language barrier should not cause you any problem.
As of 2015, Canada ranked as the eighth most popular country for international students, with 120,960 foreign students, and according to UNESCO the most popular Canadian provinces for international students are (British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec). Each county offers a unique experience to live and study in. Whereas Quebec has a charming historical European architecture, British Columbia offers outdoor recreation and adventure, and Ontario is famous for its high elevations and wooded areas.

Culture and Society in Canada:
Although Canada is the second largest country in the world, its population is not large, but Canadian society is multicultural, and many of its residents are immigrants. Canada has a multiculturalism that has led to a mixture of different societies, which has affected the general culture of the country, so there will be no problem for international students who want to study in Canada to adapt there. Moreover, you may have heard of the generosity of Canadians in general, and this is no exaggeration, and you will be sure of that once you have settled in the country. As a diversity of cultures and a society that welcomes students with open arms; Canada is the perfect choice for international students.

The cost of living in Canada:
The cost of living anywhere in the world depends on the lifestyle followed, and the choice of a particular lifestyle should depend on the financial ability of the person, while the cost of living in Canada is relatively expensive, but it is cheaper than many other countries such as America, Britain and New Zealand. Below you will see an approximation of the cost of living for a student in Canada:

Cost in USD (per month)

Cost in Canadian dollars (per month)

housing (housing unit)

302 – 1135

400 – 1,500




the food

6 – 11

9 – 15

cinema ticket



Mobile internet packages



Clothes (Levi’s jeans)



Skiing (daily)

34 – 68

45 – 90

Education in Canada:
Canada is a popular destination for students from different countries, due to the high quality of life and the steps the government is taking to encourage education in the country. Canadian universities, colleges and technical institutes are publicly funded and very well monitored to ensure quality in their teaching and research facilities and on campus.

Why study in Canada?
Why study in Canada

Study costs in Canada:
Tuition fees and living costs in Canada are very competitive with other countries that are destinations for international students. According to a recent study by HSBC, the cost in Canada is much lower than in countries such as Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Academic level

Tuition fees in Canadian dollars (annual)

Tuition fees in US dollars (annually)

Preparatory Year


5,300 – 8,300


5,000 – 15,000

3,800 – 11,300


14,000 – 51,000

10,730 – 38,600


12,000 – 44,800

9,000 – 34,000

Universities in Canada:
Canadian universities such as McGill University and the University of Toronto are known worldwide for their excellence in academia, research, and student life. Universities in Canada are usually located in major cities such as Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, and many universities are subject to strict international supervision. It offers courses in English and French as well. In 2014, the number of international students in Canada was approximately eighty-nine thousand.

What are the best universities in Canada?
Below is a list of the top 10 Canadian universities for the year 2021 according to the QS world rankings.
world ranking canada university ranking
25 1 University of Toronto
31 2 McGill University 2
45 3 University of British Columbia – University of British Columbia 3
118 4 University of Montreal 4
119 5 University of Alberta 5
144 6 McMaster University 6
166 7 University of Waterloo 7
203 8 Western Ontario University 8
246 9 Queen’s University 9
246 9 University of Calgary | University of Calgary 10
What are the admission requirements for Canadian universities?
Conditions for admission to universities

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